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Welcome to Week 3


Welcome to Week 3

Welcome to Week 3. Time to cover the final things to get you ready to run your Dojo!

First, let's recap last week. You learned about:

  • Who will be at your Dojo, and what roles they'll play
  • The importance of building a team, and where you can look to find one
  • What to look for in a venue for your Dojo
  • How to handle fundraising and ticketing for your Dojo
  • How to make your mentors' lives easier with educational resources
  • Some tips and pointers for recruiting young people for your Dojo, and how to work with them once they're there
  • How to make a video game in Scratch!

This week we're digging into:

  • Planning a Dojo session
  • A more detailed look at using learning resources in your Dojo
  • Planning your Dojo's year
  • Recognising your Ninjas' achievements
  • How to develop your Dojo over time
  • Special events you might want to run at your Dojo
  • Planning for the future of your Dojo

Let's get to it!