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Welcome to Week 2


Welcome to Week 2

Welcome to Week 2 of the course! Let's just quickly refresh what we talked about last week, and take a look at what we'll be covering this week.

Last week you learned about:

  • What coding is, and why learning to code matters
  • The history of CoderDojo
  • Why Ninjas attend Dojos, and the kinds of cool projects they make at them
  • What CoderDojo's underlying principles and beliefs are
  • How to get involved with the worldwide CoderDojo community
  • Where you can go for support and advice for your Dojo

This week we'll be looking at:

  • Who will be at your Dojo
  • Building a team of volunteers
  • Finding a venue for your Dojo
  • Finding Ninjas to attend your Dojo
  • Working with young people
  • Building your first computer game!