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Meet the team

Meet the team

Throughout this course, you’ll be able to post comments and questions on each step, and we’ll be reading and answering them regularly. Here are some of the people you will hear from!


John is Head of CoderDojo and is responsible for ensuring CoderDojo delivers a great experience for our volunteers and young people, that our activities happen safely, and that the network of Dojos continues to grow. John describes himself as a 'wannabe coder' having taught himself some HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Python. Now, he's studying for a degree in computing with the Open University. Outside of technology, John is actively involved in the Scouts in the UK and has an interest in authentic leadership.


Nuala is the Global Engagement Manager with the CoderDojo Foundation. She works to research and strategically engage the community to develop connections, grow volunteers resilience and make Dojos more sustainable by improving the overall experience. She loves supporting young people's creativity and confidence through digital making. Outside of CoderDojo Nuala enjoys reading, podcasts, sea swims and long walks.


Helen is the Community Support Coordinator for the CoderDojo Foundation. Day-to-day, she can be found helping people start their own Dojo and helping the global CoderDojo community. She is passionate about introducing and supporting youngsters to learn the art of coding and is delighted to help you on your journey to complete the same. In addition to all things tech, Helen loves crocheting and cooking.


Vasu engages primarily with the Raspberry Pi club communities in India, including CoderDojo. She has been working in the education sector for more than five years and now explores the integration of technology and education in India. She follows world politics closely and is an activist at heart. She loves poetry, sports, and stationery!


Isabel is the Global Community Coordinator at the Raspberry Pi Foundation. She helps support organisations working globally with clubs and volunteers. In her free time, she likes reading, gardening, and yelling about K-dramas. She also likes making terrible puns.

When we're not around

During periods when the course is not being moderated you can still ask us questions. Just hop over to our CoderDojo Global Slack channel #futurelearn_start_a_dojo. We’d love to see you there.