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Recap and preview


Recap and preview

That's it for Week 1! Let's look over what we've covered, and look forward to what's in store for you in Week 2.

This week you learned about:

  • What coding is, and why learning to code matters
  • The history of CoderDojo
  • Why Ninjas attend Dojos, and the kinds of cool projects they make there
  • What CoderDojo's underlying principles and beliefs are
  • How to get involved with the worldwide CoderDojo community
  • Where you can go for support and advice for your Dojo

Next week you'll get planning, as we look at:

  • Who will be at your Dojo
  • Building a team of volunteers
  • Finding a venue for your Dojo
  • Finding Ninjas to attend your Dojo
  • Working with young people
  • Building your first computer game!