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Introducing coding

Introducing coding

What is coding?

Coding, or computer programming, is the skill of taking a problem and creating a set of instructions — which we call a computer program — for a computer to solve that problem. Computer programs can be anything from simple ones that add two numbers together, all the way up to complex websites, video games, or apps.

Why learn to code?

Learning how to code gives young people a new creative outlet, one that they can use to express themselves while developing their perseverance, problem-solving abilities, and logical thinking skills. That's why at CoderDojo, we want every youth to have the opportunity to learn how to create with technology in fun, free, and social spaces.

"It's great to see someone going from having literally no experience to having a working, interactive website they've built by hand — the look on their face when they see it working is just amazing."
Craig Steele, Dojo champion, Glasgow

Why is coding important?

Knowing how to code gives you a creative outlet, helps you develop new ways of thinking, opens the door to new career opportunities, and helps you understand our digital world better.

“My encounter with the CoderDojo movement [...] was a life-changing experience, a new whole domain was opened, and I love it!”
Matei, 10, Ninja at Cluj-Napoca Dojo, Romania

Why do you think it's important for the young people in your community to learn to code, and how will they benefit from your Dojo? Let us know your thoughts in the discussion below!