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Web: HTML and CSS

In a web browser go to:
Find <h1> </h1>.
Add a heading inside: <h1> My favourite emoji </h1>
A large emoji in the centre of a webpage
Find this line of code:<p class="hugefont"> </p>.

Copy your favourite emoji in between the two angle brackets, like the example below:

<p class="hugefont"> 🥰 </p>

travel_explore Find emoji here: rpf.io/emoji

Find the following line of code in the <head> section:

<link href="default.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />.

Replace default.css with any of smokey.css, festival.css, water-animals.css, sunshine.css, companion.css, medals.css, pastel.css.

find_replace Try them all until you find your favourite.

Screenshot of webpage with the title Photos from Space and the four images from space. Screenshot of the completed webpage that you can create following this tutorial.
Extra: Add some more of your favourites in the footer <footer> </footer> with a short piece of text:

<footer class="border-top secondary"">
   <p>Other favourites are: 🍦🌴✈</p>

travel_explore Find emoji here: rpf.io/emoji